Private Hire Regulations Review September 2015

After much anticipation we finally received the full Private Hire Regulations Review consultation with its proposals on how TfL aims to make changes to the current Private Hire regulations.

There are many positives included in this review and much of it will benefit the Private Hire industry as a whole as well as improve safety for passengers.

It is refreshing to see some of the proposals made and we agree with much of it.  Some of the rules seemed to go a little bit backwards, but maybe they’re rules to remind certain app based operators who’s boss and give some sort of relief to the blac taxi drivers who are campaigning for stricter regulations and current regulations to be fully enforced on all operators, regardless of size or status.

We are excited to see that the current topographical skills assessment is up for modernisation and essential aspects such as adding key points, including English language test and knowing rules and regulations will be added to the new test.

Further training such as disability awareness and general driver training are also aspects that will be added to the PCO licence application process.

It has been a long time coming and we hope that after December 2015 TfL will have some concrete plans on how to move the PCO licence application process to a more streamlined and beneficial process.

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