Vehicle Advice

What type of Insurance – UPDATED

UPDATE: 27th June 2016 From the 27th June 2016 the new updated Transport for London Private Hire regulations require all private hire vehicle drivers to carry or display a copy of their Hire & Reward insurance in their vehicle. Any Private Hire Badged vehicles will have to have Hire & Rewards insurance regardless of working or not. Existing private hire drivers will have up to the 11th of July 2016 to implement these new regulations. In order to use your […]

Finding a Car

There are a few options when it comes to getting the right car. You can purchase your own vehicle, or lease a vehicle but make sure you tell the dealership or leasing company that you intend to use the car for private hire purposes. The other option is to find a private hire minicab or chauffeur company that provides you with a car. Lastly there are many vehicle rental companies that will let your rent their vehicle on a contractual […]

Vehicle Requirements

If you purchase your own vehicle to use for private hire purposes, you must consider the following requirements and fees. PCO/Private Hire Vehicle Requirements All new vehicles or vehicles new to licensing must be no older than five years and meet the Euro 4 standards for emissions at time of licensing Vehicles already licensed by TfL must be no older than 10 years at time of licensing Private Hire Vehicle Inspection You must get your vehicle inspected by TfL and […]