Useful Information

Accountant & Tax

Most private hire drivers will be classed as self employed and will need to do their own Tax returns or get an accountant to do their tax returns. For more information, please email us on info@driverview.co.uk and we will direct you to a reliable accountancy service.

New Rules 2015

UPDATED 30th September 2015 Please read our blog to find our more about the Private Hire Regulations Review 2015 All new PCO licence applications must be done online by going to the PCO Drivers Licence Application section of the TfL website. Once you sign up, you must verify you email address and then login.  You then get 2 options, you may either process and submit your application online or request a pre-printed application form (which will come to your home […]

Becoming an Uber Driver

Many of our drivers are opting to join Uber and become a licenced private hire driver for Uber in London. Once you have your licence, all you need to do is let us know and we will help you through the sign up process and advise you on what vehicle you need, what documents to prepare. We will then help you book your interview with UBER. If you already have your PCO licence and want to join UBER follow these […]