Leaked Private Hire Regulations Review 2015

As you know from our previous posts, TfL have recently conducted a Private Hire Regulations Review Consultation and the results are due to be released sometime today the 30th September 2015.

However we have some insight from leaked private hire regulations consultation drafts.

We cannot be sure if any of this information on the leaked document is all going to be released in the final consultation but from our initial look at the leaked document we can see that as we expected there will be some major changes to the process of getting your PCO Licence.

The changes highlighted on the leaked documents relate to the addition of an English Language test and well as new PHV (Private Hire Vehicle) Driver Training.  We will have to wait for the official release to find out exactly what these new requirements entail.

It looks like it’s not the best news for App based operators and slightly more work for regular PH operators.

One other rule which stood out was that PHV (PCO) Drivers will have to start carrying their Hire & Reward Insurance documents in the vehicle, similar to black taxi’s.

There is no mention of the rumored capping on the number of PHV (PCO) licences issued in London and we hope it stays that way.

We look forward to reading the official released Private Hire Consultation review later on today and will update you with another post with all the information.

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