Topographical Skills Training

Most candidates will usually have some sort of experience in navigating London and will usually only need a refresher training before they take their test.

For drivers who are very new to London, we make sure they get fully trained before taking their topographical skills assessment.

Our training involves the following

  • Using an A-Z Atlas
  • Navigating using a map locally
  • Navigating using a map over a larger part of London
  • Navigating using a map over long distances into other towns
  • General knowledge of motorways and directions

Don’t be worried, we are here to make sure you fully understand what is expected in order to pass your topographical skills test.

NOTE: Transport for London are currently looking in to updating the current topographical skills test as well as introducing new aspects to the test. We will keep you informed in what changes are happening and when they happen on our website and PCO Driving Licence Blog.

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