Topographical Skills Test

The topographical skills assessment test must be passed to attain the certificate to provide with your PHV/PCO licence application.

Our centre will provide you the training needed in order to fully understand the topographical skills assessment and help you successfully pass.

Once you have been fully trained you will be able to confidently attend your Topographical Skills test with TfL and pass successfully.

For candidates that are less confident, our trainers will give them one to one training to ensure they fully understand the concepts before taking the test.

If you have further questions or to book your assessment, please call us on 020 8088 1230

NOTE: From October 2016, you must book your topographical skills test directly with TfL on 0343 222 444 (Option 1,2 then 3) – you can then get trained up by us to successfully pass your topographical skills test.

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