The process of getting your PCO/PHV Minicab or Chauffeur licence can sometimes be a little confusing. We can help process your application with no mistakes and guide you through every step. You just need to call us on 020 8088 1230 and book an appointment and we will tell you exactly what you need to do.

How do I get a Minicab or Chauffeur licence?

Below is a step by step guide to getting your PCO/PHV licence which allows you to drive as a minicab or chauffeur driver in London

  • First call or go online to get your Private Hire & Medical Declaration forms
  • Then give us a call on 020 8088 1230 and book your appointment
  • We will double check you meet the requirements
  • Take your Topographical Skills Assessment with us
  • We will arrange our private GP/Doctor to do your medical
  • We will fill in the Private Hire application forms
  • We will complete your DBS CRB
  • We will give you the advise you need to get your licence as quick as possible

After a few weeks, if your application is successful you will receive in the post. Once you have your licence you can apply to become a driver for an operator of your choice or get in touch with us and we will help you find a suitable operator.

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