PCO Licence Fees

To apply to drive as a minicab or chauffeur driver in London, you must get your Private Hire licence. This is done through an application process which has costs at different stage. Below are the cost/prices/fees to get your PCO/PHV Private Hire Licence.

NOTE: TfL Private Hire Licensing Fees have increased from 1st October 2017

Private Hire Licensing Fees

Application fee £310 (Payable to TfL)
CRB online application £56.85 (Payable at Post Office)
Topographical Skills Test £50.00 (payable at test centre)
Topographical Skills Training £80.00 (payable to our training centre)
All forms & CRB application filling service £40.00 (Payable to our training centre)
Medical Declaration £80 (Payable at our training centre)
TOTAL £616.85

Exemptions may apply

If you are renewing or re-applying for your PHV/PCO Licence, then you will be exempt from taking your topographical skills assessment.

Licensed London Taxi drivers, both London and Suburban are also exempt from the Topographical Skills Assessment as well at Professional London tourist guides and any individuals who hold a relevant vocational qualification in passenger transport.

Drivers who hold a DVLA Group 2 Licence are exempt from the Medical Declaration, this usually applies to bus drivers etc.

How to apply for a PHV/PCO Licence

Give us a call on 020 8088 1230 and we will book you in and begin the process of becoming a minicab or chauffeur driver in London.

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