PCO Licence Application Form

How to get your PCO Licence Application Form

Transport for London require all new applicants for the PHV/PCO Licence to order their PCO Licence application and medical form directly from TfL. This can be done in 2 way, either by calling this number 0343 222 4444, or the easier option is to visit the Private Hire Driver Application Form Request

Step by Step guide to ordering your PCO Licence application from

  • Visit the TfL Website
  • Register yourself
  • Confirm registration by checking your email
  • Log in to TfL Website
  • Request a Private Hire Licence application Form
  • Wait up to 10 days to receive your pre-printed application form

Once you receive your forms, don’t delay the process any longer. Just pop in and see us and we will expertly fill in all your forms and tell you the required steps to getting your licence as quick as possible, so you may start working.

Call us on 020 8088 1230

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