Operator Licensing Fees

If you want to open your own Minicab Office or Chauffeur Service, be it to provide jobs to a fleet of drivers or on an individual basis, you will be required to obtain a Private Hire Operators licence.

Types of operator licenses

Currently there are 2 types of operator licenses available, but TfL are looking at introducing more types in the near future. The 2 current types are listed below.

Small – You can use a maximum of two licensed private hire vehicles for bookings.

Standard – There is no restriction on the number of licensed private hire vehicles you can use for bookings.

Fees/Cost of become an Private Hire Operator

Small Standard
Licence application fee (non-refundable) £838 £838
Grant of licence fee (five-year licence) £650 £1988
Total £1488 £2826

Things you need to know

There are certain restrictions when it comes to applying for a Private Hire Operators licence, such as having the correct premises and permissions from the local council. For more information and find our more on how to apply please visit the Transport for London website

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