Medical Declaration

All new PHV/PCO licence applicants must provide a medical declaration which must be filled by their GP/Doctor. However in many cases where there is a delay in getting an appointment, we can get our private GP to do the checks and fill in your medical declaration, providing you bring us a medical declaration from your own surgery.

The medical involves checking your general health, checking if you have any major illnesses as well as eye sight.

Driver that hold a DVLA Group 2 licence such as bus drivers are exempt from providing a medical declaration.

For drivers who are under 45 and are renewing their PCO/PHV Licence, they are also exempt from providing a medical declaration.

Drivers with Disabilities

Everyone is welcome to apply for a PCO/PHV licence. But TfL does ask drivers to check with their GP’s and read the following guidelines before they apply. View guidelines on the TfL website.

Drivers with modifications to help them drive their vehicles should also check with their medical professional so that they can help advise on any further changes to help the driver become a minicab or chauffeur driver.

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