Becoming an Uber Driver

Many of our drivers are opting to join Uber and become a licenced private hire driver for Uber in London.

Once you have your licence, all you need to do is let us know and we will help you through the sign up process and advise you on what vehicle you need, what documents to prepare.

We will then help you book your interview with UBER.

If you already have your PCO licence and want to join UBER follow these steps.

1. Visit and register to UBER – Become an Uber driver London

2. Fill in your details then login to Uber dashboard

3. You then need to can add in your vehicle & insurance details by scanning the documents and uploading.

4. Also your licence and private hire licence will need to be scanned and uploaded

5. You will have to request a code from DVLA to give Uber access to your counterpart licence online

6. You will need to also upload your bank account details.

7. It’s best to get all this done before visiting Uber’s office in London to book your interview

8. After the interview you will be given your iPhone and you can start working straight away.

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