What hours do I have to work?
As a private hire driver you are self employed and many local and app based operators allow you the flexibility of choosing either shifts or working when you like. Of course the more hours you commit the more you earn. If you choose to drive for an operator that provides a vehicle or some of the larger operators where you can use your own vehicle usually prefer to have drivers doing a choice of either Day, Night or split shift. Most require either 10-12 hour shifts to be completed or a certain number of jobs in order to qualify for discounts on vehicle rental. Some operators may offer fix weekly earnings for fixed hours or fixed regular jobs.
What type of car insurance do I need?
Private Hire Vehicle drivers need to get Hire & Reward Insurance.
Do I need an accountant?
As a private hire driver you are classed as self employed. You may choose to do your own accounts and submit your own tax returns, but many drivers choose to get an accountant.
How much can I earn as a driver?
Full time driver on average can make between £600 - £1400 per week before costs. Part time driver will make between £300 - £600 per week. What you earn depends on how many hours you commit and can change depending the time of year. As a general guide, the quite periods are through school holiday and beginning of the year. Christmas and most weekends are the best times to work. Luck also plays a part, as you can sometimes get the odd long distant job earning you a little extra.

Medical Information

Do I need to do an eye test?
As a part of your medical declaration the doctor will do a basic eye test.  You must take in any prescription glasses you may have.  On rare occasions TfL may ask you to do a second eye test at an Optitions.
What does the medical involve?
The medical declaration for your PCO Licence involves a GP filling in your TPH/204 Medical Declaration form.  The GP will check for
  • cardiovascular
  • endocrine system
  • musculoskeletal
  • neurological
  • psychiatric
  • vision
Can I do my medical with any doctor?
It's advised to get your medical declaration completed by your own GP, but any doctor who has access to your medical records may fill it in.
Does the medical declaration involve a drug test?
The PCO Medical does not involve a drug test.

PCO Licence Process

I am a none UK resident, can I still apply for a PCO Licence?
You must have the right to work in the UK, a valid UK or EEA licence with a minimum of 3 years driving experience. We usually advise EEA or International licence holders to convert their driving licence to the UK Driving licence.
I have a previous drink driving ban, can I become a PCO licensed driver?
It depends on how recent the conviction was and is usually as TfL's discretion. We always advise to call and double check with TfL.
I have points on my licence, will that be a problem?
It depends on what the points are for and if they have been cleared or not. We always advise to double check by calling TfL before applying.
I have convictions will it effect my application?
All applications are considered by TfL, but in some cases certain convictions may result in your private hire licence being refused. It's advisable to double check the guidelines with TfL or for more specific convictions it is better to call TfL and get a clear answer before applying for your PCO Licence.

VIDEO: PCO Licence Application Process Explained