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TfL English Test Deadline is now 30 April 2019

The TfL English Test requirement has now been extended to 30th April 2019. For more information visit TfL

PCO Licence English Language Test

GCSE Equivalent Course & Test £550 Accepted by TfL | All 4 Modules Covered | Call Now to Book: 020 8088 2787 You can now complete the GCSE Equivalent English course and test with us. You will receive a City & Guilds certificate covering all 4 modules; Reading & Writing and Speaking & Listening. The course will be held at our college followed by an exam at our test centre invigilated by an accredited exam board. To book or find […]

2 New Laws for Drivers in UK

From the 1st of October 2015, the UK government has put in to force 2 new laws that are aimed at drivers. It’s important to know these rules, as not knowing and not abiding can lead to a financial loss for drivers depending on their car as a tool to make a living. 1. Smoking in cars with children Generally PCO/PHV minicab drivers should not be smoking in their vehicle anyways as this has been the case since the ban […]

Private Hire Regulations Review September 2015

After much anticipation we finally received the full Private Hire Regulations Review consultation with its proposals on how TfL aims to make changes to the current Private Hire regulations. There are many positives included in this review and much of it will benefit the Private Hire industry as a whole as well as improve safety for passengers. It is refreshing to see some of the proposals made and we agree with much of it.  Some of the rules seemed to […]

Leaked Private Hire Regulations Review 2015

As you know from our previous posts, TfL have recently conducted a Private Hire Regulations Review Consultation and the results are due to be released sometime today the 30th September 2015. However we have some insight from leaked private hire regulations consultation drafts. We cannot be sure if any of this information on the leaked document is all going to be released in the final consultation but from our initial look at the leaked document we can see that as […]

Changes to the PCO Licence Application Process September 2015

From September 1st 2015 Transport for London has changed the way in which new and existing drivers can apply and renew their PCO drivers licence. It is a natural progression of time and as we become more technologically able, more and more things are going digital. No longer can you just print the PCO licence application online and fill it in and send it. Drivers must now go to TFL’s website and sign up then either choose to apply online […]

New Rules to Limit number of minicab drivers in London

Following the Mayor of London’s announcement back in March, to introduce an English language test saying “I have asked TfL to bring forward regulations to require a certain basic knowledge of English for all minicab drivers.” Along with this he hopes to encourage Transport for London to also introduce a geography test to insure minicab drivers know major landmarks such as hotels, train stations and ports. In May, Boris Johnson added to his plans to make further reforms to the […]