Our Expertise

Driver View Training was formed in 2009 by two private hire drivers who went through the confusing process of applying for a PCO Licence in London.

We decided to build a company to help other hopeful drivers go through the process using our expertise. We share first hand experiences and advice regarding the minicab industry and deliver a personalised service. From the Topographical Skills Test, to the PCO Medical, checking and filling all required forms and completing your enhanced DBS CRB background check

Topographical Skills £50

Full training & test for just £50. We are open 7 days a week till late, just give us a call and walk in.  Same day training and assessment.  We will issue your pass certificate on the day.

PCO Medical £80

We will arrange you to see your nearest available Private authorised GP/Doctor for £80.  Same day service available, no need for long waiting time for appointments.

CRB & Application Completed £30

DBS CRB background checks and all TfL forms filled in, to avoid any errors & delays.  For only £30 admin fee.

Full Package £466

We get it right the first time, so you don’t face any delays with your application process!  Total package cost is only £466, this is the cheapest in London.

Drive for UBER London

Once you pass your Topographical Skills Test and get your TfL accredited PCO drivers License.  We can help you join UBER.  Many drivers are joining UBER for the flexibility and potential high extra earnings.  We will show you how to become an UBER driver in London

Apply for Forms

Go to the TfL website and register and apply to have your PCO Licence application sent to you.

Visit Us

Complete your Topographical Skills Assessment with us and we will also help you fill in all your forms & CRB.

Complete Medical

We can book you in to one of our private GP’s closest to your home to complete your medical examination.

Start Driving

Send everything off to TfL and in around 2 to 6 weeks you should receive your PCO Licence & then you can start working.

Fully Accredited

We are fully accredited by Transport for London (TfL) to conduct training and assessment. Our trainers have been assessed by the Adult Learning Inspectorate (ALI) now known as a part of Ofsted. Our accreditation number is 310/169. This can be verified by visiting TfL’s website and Topographical Skill Centre list provided by TfL.